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We became captivated with English Gypsy Caravans after seeing a picture of a Reading Van. We spent 4 years researching caravan construction, materials, layout, decoration and furnishings down to the smallest detail. We made several trips to England measuring original caravans, spending time with England’s finest restorers and builders. We have accumulated many out of print books on caravan construction and restoration. We visited every Museum in England that had Caravans on display. We have over 600 photographs of Caravans, carvings, construction, paint schemes and finish details.


"Our goal is to Build only Museum Quality Gypsy Caravans that replicate every detail of the original Caravans, being true to the artistic endeavors of the original builders."


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There is an unspeakable sense of ‘wonder’ that I feel whenever I see one. Gypsy Wagons inspire me. Their beauty touches my soul.” -Delvin Jasper Tetz, 1914-1975

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